Microsoft announces Fluid Framework to break down the barriers of documents as we know them

Microsoft today announced the Fluid Framework, a new platform that will let developers create faster and more flexible web-based distributed apps. Promising to “break down the barriers of the traditional document as we know it”, it promises co-authoring at speeds never before achieved by anyone.

The Fluid Framework allows you to take content from the web or from different apps, deconstruct them, and reconstruct them into different modular components, allowing members of the team to work together in a more efficient way. It also allows for “intelligent agents” to work with real people to “co-author, fetch content, provide photo suggestions, identify experts, translate data and more”.

The Framework could allow you to work on a document with authors from around the world that speak different languages, providing real-time translation. The example used was if you’re writing an HR manual. After various authors worked together on it, another team could use various calculations in that document, and it all sort of seamlessly works together.

Microsoft said that the Fluid Framework will be available to developers later on this year with an SDK, when the firm is also planning to provide Microsoft 365 experiences with the Fluid Framework.

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